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Thinking of Homeschooling? You’re Not Alone!


There’s a lot going on in the world and I see and hear more parents looking for the best solution for their child’s education. Many are exploring or turning to homeschooling to fill a void in the educational system, better support their students, take their child out of a negative social environment, or all of the above. Beyond personal consideration such as work restrictions, the greatest barriers for parents taking the leap to homeschooling is not knowing where to start and how to build out their program. This book aims to change that.

I am a homeschool father with a successful homeschool program for our three students. I also began just where you are now, clueless, wandering, doubtful, and even scared. I wasted countless hours trying to figure things out and then countless more on things that didn’t matter or could have been done much more efficiently. This book gives you the process and knowledge I had to learn and earn the hard way so that you might have a much easier time and have a much more effective homeschool program from day one.

Start From the Beginning

Before getting into the process of building your homeschool, it’s important to understand what you are considering doing and, perhaps more importantly, why you might want to. The book begins by covering the reasons for homeschooling and benefits you might expect to experience. Then, we cover the common worries parents have when considering homeschooling and why you shouldn’t worry.

Goals, Schedules, and Classes

I want you to succeed! We walk through goals and planning to ensure your program meets your expectations and the needs of your children. With those goals, we will choose subjects and our class frequency and duration. Then, step by step, we’ll build a schedule that faciitates accomplishing your goals while also fitting into your lifestyle. I share all of the hard lessons learned so you don’t have to learn them on your own!


It’s common for parents to get lost when finding and choosing curriculums, programs, apps, and material. When parents fail to launch, this is typically where they fail. We cover the different types of curriculum choices, from fully prepped to DIY and everything in between. I give you the information you need to make a great decision on what is right for your family’s homeschool. We, again, step by step, build your curriculum from the ground up. I share resources, lessons learned, and products I personnaly use with great success.

School Days

A great plan is nothing without great execution. We cover how to execute your plan and avoid pitfalls. I share tips and tricks so your homeschool program can be fluid and productive from day one! Using this book, you will create an environment for success and have everything you need to get started homeschooling- without all of the stress!


Worry: Child “getting behind”

Getting behind whom? Their peers? The kids who graduate college at 15? Here is one of the dirty little secrets of homeschooling: As long as you do the work, it’s not possible for your child to “get behind.” Throw out the notion that your child's intellectual worth is measured by where they place in a broken system. In homeschool, your child can progress in every subject at their own speed. If they are a math whiz, they may be doing calculus in 6th grade. If they are weak in math, but one heck of a writer, they could write in between math tutoring and publish their first novel in their teens.

You have the opportunity to let your child thrive where they do, without artificially being held back, and support them where they need it, without them being left in the dust of the “rest of the class.” If your child is 6th grade age, but completing 7th or 8th grade math and reading at a 5th grade level, who cares? You do, of course, but if that’s where your child is and you are doing the work, that’s where they are! Support the areas they need help in and let them thrive where they do. When you properly facilitate, your child cannot get behind their own abilities. However, they can reach their full potential!

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